Desalination Plant? Choose Solar!



Clearly, shrinking natural resources have been given a lot of press with the underlying challenges of harvesting and securing them in a sustainable way.  

Even mild anti-corporatists know that Nestle and Coca Cola, just to name a few, have been strategically harnessing developing countries fresh water sources for some time.  Reliable drinking water sources and their distribution networks will be the 21st century main battleground.  In addition to the polemic of our heavy reliance in the West on bottled water, both from ground water aquifers or filtered tap water and their obvious post-life environmental impact, the sheer availability of that resource is, sadly, finite.

Now with the good news: desalination plants, but not the econoclastic ones that spurt out toxic fumes like the ones in, say,  Dubai, aka “bottled electricity” for their wastefulness,  but those that are sustainably solar-powered.  As often, our Australian friends have come up with a completely unique formula, that desalinates ocean water without being powered by fossil fuels, an application that would work perfectly in Southern California.   Acquasol 

There lies the some of the answers for our watery woes and tremendous hope for all of us.


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