Greening Our Economy? So how do we do it?


 700 billion dollars have already been allocated.  Total job losses in 2008 have hit over 1.9 million, but well-designed recovery programs could restore lost jobs and green our economy, AND once and for all put an end to the “clean coal technology” debate, which as Al Gore said yesterday on NPR, DOES NOT EXIST!

A  plethora of very valuable recommendations have been pouring in.  Both the Green Recoveryand the 2030 Blueprint provide the archetype needed to create the Keynesian New Deal that I suspect the new administration will follow.  Below is the summary for the 2030 Blueprint, with a tagline of a under $200 billion, not a lot of cash these days…

The 2030 Blueprint 

1.  Implement an immediate moratorium on the construction of any new conventional coal plants, and the gradual phasing out of all existing conventional coal plants by 2030 to: 

 • place an immediate cap on coal plant emissions while allowing time to retrain coal workers for new jobs. 

2.  Require that all developments using federal funds meet the 2030 Challenge targets to: 

 • create additional models of building energy efficiency for the marketplace. 

3.  Upgrade the National Energy Conservation Code Standard to the 2030 Challenge targets for residential 

and commercial buildings to: 

 • immediately stabilize and begin reducing energy demand in the Building Sector. 

4.  Invest $21.6 billion each year for five years in building energy efficiency measures through existing 

federal programs (i.e. New Markets Tax Credits; Low Income Housing Tax Credits; a five-year extension and 

increased funding for efficiency in the Energy Policy Act) and new energy efficiency incentives, tax credits 

and programs to: 

 • stimulate building construction 

 • reduce annual Building Sector energy consumption by 5 QBtu 

 • reduce annual U.S. CO 

2 emissions by 433.5 MMT 

 • save consumers $128 billion (which more than covers the cost of this solution), and 

 • create more than one million permanent new jobs 


5. Fund and implement a joint labor-management job training program for displaced coal industry jobs 

based on successful models developed over the past two decades in the tire/rubber, steel, automobile 

and communications industries. 

Congress is currently ‘casting about’ for solutions to both the climate crisis and the U.S. economic crisis. The 2030 Blueprint tackles both crises at once. For just a small portion of the $168 billion that Congress recently earmarked to inject into the struggling economy, the U.S. can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs and an economic stimulus package that ripples throughout the U.S. economy.


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