A Cute Water Contraption




Only 2.5% of our planet’s water supply is fresh, and even less is available for human use.  This unusual (and cute) contraption extracts moisture from the ambient air, condensates it, filters it with UV light treatment and carbon filters and  turns it into fresh drinking water, enough to sustain a family of six people.  It struck us as an imaginative option though oddly reminiscent of Star Wars R2D2 r2-d2_cookie-jar




ELEMENT FOUR (a Canadian company) that manufactures it states that “In more that half the countries in the world, some of them the poorest, thirstiest, and most crowded, the air is humid enough to yield huge amounts of precious water. The atmosphere contains 4 to 25 grams of water vapor per cubic meter, while the WaterMill can change 10% to 40% of that to liquid. Water vapor is constantly replenished by Earth’s natural cycle, so extracting water from the air can continue indefinitely without impacting local ecosystems.”

The WaterMill is only a residential system at the moment offering a viable replacement  for drinking and cooking needs, especially for emergency or disaster relief-type of situations. It plans on expanding operations to commercial applications in the future.  



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