Reduce Waste While Raising Funds

Via Bad Dad Radio

Every year BILLIONS of drink pouches end up in dumpsters and landfills across America.  TerraCycle, Capri Sun andHonest Kids are working together to put an end to this awful loss of resources.

Here’s a simple way to raise some funds for your school/organization and be eco-friendly at the same time. TerraCycle will pay $.02 for each empty Capri Sun and Honest Kids drink pouch you collect and send to them.

Check out their website for other fundraising opportunities.

About TerraCycle:
As an eco-friendly innovator,TerraCycle is going to convert the used drink pouches into unique fashion bags, tote bags, and pencil cases for kids and adults.  TerraCycle  teams up with the largest producer of drink pouches in the country, Capri Sun, and a young organic entry into the market, Honest Kids, to help address this problem from all angles.


2 thoughts on “Reduce Waste While Raising Funds

  1. I work for Pinon Hills Elementary School
    I am a custodian for this school
    878 Mono rd.
    Phelan Ca.92329 or
    P.O. box 2906000
    Phelan Ca.92329

    please send collecting bins

    1. Dear Gloria,

      Thanks for commenting on our green blog, Serengreenity on our post”Reduce Waste While Raising Funds” .

      You would actually have to contact them directly to schedule delivery of the recycling bins. We only report what is noteworthy in the green community.

      Good luck and thank-you for supporting green efforts and protecting our planet!

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