Eco Architecture: Affiniti Architects design sustainable home for Chub Bay


tn-491922_affiniti-chubEco Factor: Home design making use of renewable energy systems and sustainable materials.

Working to provide custom residences in Chub Bay, Affiniti Architects have designed a completely off-grid house that once completed will be powered by solar and wind energy. The architecture firm has answered the wishes of all eco-conscious home owners who wanted their homes to be as green as possible.

The structure will be built just like conventional homes but the difference here will be its sustainability. The 3000-square feet home will carry four vertical Tangarie Alternative Power wind turbines that will be backed up by solar panels capable of generating 3000 watts of solar power. Working together, the energy system would be able to generate enough electricity to keep the house off the grid even with gusts as light as 4 mph.


Apart from the use of renewable energy, the house will have metal roofing to reduce cooling costs, hot water will be provided using tankless propane water heaters and it will extensively make use of glazed R5 windows throughout, maximizing day lighting and providing serene island views.

The Dark Side:

The sustainability of the design is praiseworthy. The credentials would have been better if instead of a propane water heater the design depended on passive solar energy for heating water.


2 thoughts on “Eco Architecture: Affiniti Architects design sustainable home for Chub Bay

  1. I was wondering what are the square footage prices on something like this home and do you sell the plans and buyers list? Also have you designed smaller homes. I am very interested in purchasing one of the drawings and lists for my property in Salt Cay, TCI, BWI. Thank you for your help…

  2. Thanks Cindi for your comment. We’re delighted that you were able to find noteworthy information on our site. For your project, you should contact Affiniti directly by clicking on the link in the post.

    We are sustainability consultants based in Los Angeles and have put this website together to track green developments and provide a portal for inquiries. We would love to document the progress of your house. Let us know and good luck! Eve

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