Lost in Paris – Hydroponic Experiments


Finally, something to report from my home town!  Though various experiments in vegetal sculpture with the natural world abound, for instance, Edouard Francois and his Flower Tower in Asnieres, near Paris,


or l’Immenble qui Pousse in Montpellier (the building that grows), 


and the Wild Tower in La Defense,


this latest vegetable addition:

l10108731comes from François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux and Jean Navarro of  R&Sie Architects  It caught my eye  for its aesthetic value.  Combining the science of hydroponics , that is growing plants without soil, and the skill of glass-blowing, it  produces an artful eye-catching construction style, while acting as a temperature-regulator scheme.

lostinparis76This green house is “somewhere in the 3rd arrondissement”, about 1,400 square feet and a home for 4 undisclosed dwellers.

 A poetic architectural twist on the witch’s brew, reportedly: “It’s the story of an urban witch living behind a rear windows designed as a duck cabana. As alchemist, she feeds the plant with drop by drop hydroponics system watering liquid substances coming from the bacterian chemical preparation in 200 beakers disseminated in the ferns surfaces.”

lostin51Credits: Jean Edouard,  R&Sie, Wikipedia, Serengreenity


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