She’s back!


After one year of extensive reconstruction and a Phoenix-like resurrection post Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Lady Liberty is set to reopen tomorrow in time for the Fourth of July celebrations.

The super storm left the Statue of Liberty‘s promenade, docks, walkways, electrical and sewage infrastructure largely battered.


But after ongoing repairs and a hefty price tag of $59 million, Liberty Island has finally been restored and will open tomorrow with a new perimeter walkway, railings, and filled-in seawalls. Luckily, the Statue of Liberty itself did not receive any damage. The Statue’s 126 year old iron framework designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel allowed for the Statue of Liberty to withstand the storm’s intense winds. Yes, we’re doing a bit of bragging for French engineering here!

Let’s not forget our green credentialsLiberty Island earned LEED Platinum Certification for New constructionThe building is only the fourth Platinum building in the National Park Service and only the fifth in New York City.

Gift pavillion


Now, let’s get ready for some fireworks! happy 4rth everyone!

Credits: Statue of Liberty to Re-Open on Fourth of July After Sandy Damage | Inhabitat New York City,


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