Will You be Driving an Electric Car?

Clean tech market intelligence firm Pike Research recently published a report, ‘Electric Vehicle Market Forecasts’ predicting a whopping 46-fold increase in EV sales worldwide by 2017, which would take the total number of EVs and plug-in electric hybrid light vehicles to 5.2 million.

Plug-In Electric Car

Why are electric cars selling better than ever before? For starters, there are more choices on the market. A few years ago if you were wanted to buy a fully electric car, your only option was a Nissan Leaf. But now there are several electric and plug-in electric hybrid models to choose from. Also since lithium-ion battery costs have dropped, electric car prices have also dropped, meaning that there are now several electric cars with price tags around $30,000.

EV Charging Station

Will the trend continue? Signs point to yes – many automakers like BMW and Kia are just starting to release electric cars, and over the next few years there will be more electric and plug-in hybrid models to choose from than ever before. One issue holding electric cars back is the lack of EV infrastructure, but cities all over the world are installing charging stations. The technology will also continue to improve, and the next generation of electric cars will have longer driving ranges and faster charging times.

Wireless Inductive Technology

Hooking your beloved EV car up to a cable every time you stop can be a drag. Several automakers are working on wireless inductive technology that can recharge electric vehicles without cables – and BMW just announced that it’s testing the technology with its i3 and i8 electric vehicles.

Check out the 2015  Green Car Reports for the latests news about the Q7 Audi the Nissan Leaf and the Passion of the Tesla! Will you be one of the lucky ones to be completely off the fuel pump?

Credits: Inhabitat – BMW – Green Car Reports


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