Still Early to Say Who Wins…

5 of the Best Green Buildings of 2017! As cities grow exponentially, it's not wonder that buildings need to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly in order to reduce our impact on the planet. Green architecture seeks to incorporate many other factors in creating a building, like energy and water use efficiency, economic impact, transportation … Continue reading Still Early to Say Who Wins…


Will You be Driving an Electric Car?

Clean tech market intelligence firm Pike Research recently published a report, ‘Electric Vehicle Market Forecasts’ predicting a whopping 46-fold increase in EV sales worldwide by 2017, which would take the total number of EVs and plug-in electric hybrid light vehicles to 5.2 million. Why are electric cars selling better than ever before? For starters, there are more choices on … Continue reading Will You be Driving an Electric Car?

She’s back!

After one year of extensive reconstruction and a Phoenix-like resurrection post Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Lady Liberty is set to reopen tomorrow in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. The super storm left the Statue of Liberty‘s promenade, docks, walkways, electrical and sewage infrastructure largely battered. But after ongoing repairs and a hefty price tag of … Continue reading She’s back!

Social Justice and Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable design ultimately is meant to drive social change and emulate social justice. Here in our own backyard, by the Santa Monica Freeway, stand the New Carver Apartments. It is a welcome change to see social housing dedicated to the most underprivileged among us and to have it designed in a sustainable and visually soothing manner. … Continue reading Social Justice and Sustainable Architecture

Abandoned Transport Containers: A Possible Answer to Build Haitian Habitats.

I recently heard from a novel idea from Richard Moreta before he flew to Haiti.  I thought his rebuilding efforts were well worth reporting. The need for speedy provision of housing in case of emergencies was reiterated after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti. To address this issue, an international team of designers, headed by Richard Moreta, … Continue reading Abandoned Transport Containers: A Possible Answer to Build Haitian Habitats.