Fabulously Areal

Korea House in NYC, Fabulously Aeral


Solar 2 New York City Carbon Neutral Beacon

Solar One, the little environmental awareness center on the edge of the East River, is about to begin construction on a much bigger facility called Solar 2. The new building will be ten times larger than the current facility, and will let them expand their public programs around energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building, and urban … Continue reading Solar 2 New York City Carbon Neutral Beacon

The White House: Green, Greener, Greenest!

We are thrilled to witness yet another development: the White House is truly setting the tone to lead the way to a more sustainable nation. Not only are they growing their own food on site with Michelle Obama’s garden, but now even they’re aiming for LEED certification! Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and president of USGBC, is offering … Continue reading The White House: Green, Greener, Greenest!

Fly-over in Singapore

Aptly named, the Garden City, Singapore has redefined  the concept of nature and culture with an elegant and  breath-taking collection of suspended bridges and nature mazes. Singapore’s Telok Blangah Hill Park is an amazing park structure consisting of different landscape types connected through a fly-over-like infrastructure. Within the context of the Weak Signals, Wild Cards exhibition, … Continue reading Fly-over in Singapore

Shell-shaped, and lived in

Nautilus, RE-visited... Although this construction dates back to 2007, a Mexico City couple daringly did what some would have thought about, but never carried through, with the help of the astonishing imagination of those wild and wooly architects at Senosiain Arquitectos. This abalone replica is already lived in, with the couple and their two small children. … Continue reading Shell-shaped, and lived in

Los Angeles Metro Solar Ambitions

Ask and you shall receive!   Here in our own backyard, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, may have just activated a 1.2-MW (DC)/1-MW (AC) solar power system--said to be the largest PV installation of any U.S. transit facility and the biggest array to date within the City of Angels' limits. The public agency known … Continue reading Los Angeles Metro Solar Ambitions